Supporting the Natural and Cultural Resources along the Delaware River and Its Tributaries

Positioning DRGP for the Future

DRGP intended the development of our Strategic Plan as an opportunity for the Board of Trustees to assess the progress of DRGP’s mission and to re-evaluate and re-establish the long-term strategy and goals for the organization, its structure, and its programs. In this new plan, our River Guides: 2020-2029 Strategic Plan, DRGP defines ten-year goals for 2020 through 2029 and outlines a three-year rolling action plan to support the goals. In approximate three-year intervals, the strategic plan is expected to be updated to continually advance our ten-year goals, ensuring that our strategic plan provides us with a working guide to further our mission in the watershed and communities in the lower Delaware River region.

Goals for 2020-2029 Strategic Plan are concentrated in four areas:

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Goal 1: Connect Communities to the lower Delaware River region

Create, grow, enhance, and leverage physical connections to the Delaware River via the Water Trail, the Scenic Byway, and its communities and heritage. Foster appreciation and stewardship of its resources and enhance the recreational and economic vitality of the river and its communities.

The Delaware River Water Trail
DRGP views the Water Trail as an integral part of its mission and vision to connect residents and visitors directly to the Delaware River. The Water Trail includes guided access points and day use and/or camping sites for the boating public. It provides one-stop trip planning information that considers the river as a whole system, where and how to navigate it safely and appropriately, and ways to help protect its resources. DRGP is committed to supporting the Delaware River Sojourn as an opportunity to provide a deeply educational and physical experience for both youth and adult paddlers alike.

The Delaware River Scenic Byway
Only one place in America has “Washington’s Crossing” and it is on the Delaware River Scenic Byway. DRGP is committed to utilizing the DRSB to connect and build communities and appreciation of their historic and cultural value.

This goal, which is of vital importance to DRGP’s mission and vision, will pursue projects and programs that enable, enhance, and expand access to the Delaware River and its trails physically, and the region’s communities and heritage. DRGP, our partners, and constituents will prioritize and focus projects to create access to the river, spur economic growth, increase tourism, and greater awareness of natural resources, healthier living through recreation and respect for the heritage of the region.

Goal 2: Conserve and Protect the Lower Delaware Wild & Scenic River

Conserve, protect, and improve the quality of the water and the outstanding natural, cultural, and recreational values throughout the lower Delaware River watershed through public and private partnerships by serving as the administrator of the Lower Delaware Wild & Scenic (LDW&S) River.

DGRP will focus on raising awareness within the local community, partnership organizations, municipalities, and our constituents regarding water quality concerns in the watershed to protect the drinking water and the recreational value of our communities and to conserve the open spaces, historic places, and arts and culture of our communities to promote heritage tourism and economic development in the lower Delaware River region. DRGP is committed to furthering our mission and vision through developing and supporting public/private partnerships, outreach initiatives, and funding programs aimed at promoting conservation and maximizing opportunities to educate and engage with our constituents, both children and adults, through programs, events, and community engagement. As the administrator and partnership organization of the LDW&S River Steering Committee and Management Council, DRGP is committed to growing the sustainability and fiscal capacity of our organization and to identify new projects, funders, and partners to expand the impact of the LDW&S River.

Goal 3: Engage Existing and New Constituencies

The DRGP Board of Trustees are committed to building constituencies, volunteers, and partnerships that value, advocate for, and participate in the protection of the lower Delaware River region and its communities and history through the educational programming and events that focus on heritage, arts and culture, recreation, and environmental conservation.

By promoting the lower Delaware River region, the Delaware Water Trail & Sojourn, the Scenic Byway, and heritage programming, DRGP will engage constituencies and communities in its mission and vision; promote the communities and businesses along the byway; promote use and enjoyment of the Delaware River for bikers, and paddlers, and other trail users; engage new audiences and volunteers, including youth; and communicate effectively with its residents, visitors, communities, and municipalities.

DRGP is committed to successfully engaging people in activities and experiences in and around the lower Delaware River region. Events such as Pedal and Paddle and Delaware River Sojourn, DRGP welcomes hundreds of new and returning participants to connect personally with the Delaware River Canal Trails and Water Trail. During the Delaware River Sojourn, youth groups can explore, learn about, and experience the Delaware River, hopefully connecting them to a lifelong appreciation for the history, significance, and ongoing role of the Delaware River for the entire region. The Delaware River Heritage Trail promotes health, wellness and recreation, and serves as an alternative mode of transportation for residents and visitors to communities from Philadelphia, PA to Trenton, NJ. Our programs will continue to remain essential vehicles for engaging with existing and new constituencies and communities along the Delaware River.

Goal 4: Improve DRGP’s Sustainability and Fiscal Capacity

As DRGP grows as an organization and works to advance our mission and vision in the lower Delaware River region, we understand that we must also be stewards of our own organization. As a key component of our ten-year goals and future as an organization, the DRGP Board of Trustees are committed to the following:

  • Safeguarding our future viability, sustainability, and fiscal capacity
  • Ensuring proper deployment and availability of necessary resources, both human and capital to further our goals
  • Developing the board, staff, and volunteers and to empower them to act as stewards of the organization and advocate for our mission and vision in the lower Delaware River region

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