Supporting the Natural and Cultural Resources along the Delaware River and Its Tributaries

The Delaware River Greenway Partnership strives to implement our strategic plan through a variety of initiatives, programs and projects.

Because our organization was founded to support Wild and Scenic Rivers designation of the Lower Delaware, it remains at the heart of our organization. We develop and implement projects that meet the goals of the Lower Delaware Action Plan, including river bank restoration, and trail and stewardship projects, as well as administrative support to the Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic Management Committee.

Other projects under our umbrella are the federally designated Delaware River Scenic Byway, the Delaware River Heritage Trail, and the Delaware River Water Trail.

Trail development is implemented through the establishment of projects that plan for the protection of land and water corridors. We perform feasibility studies for trails and trail facilities, develop plans for the management of long distance trails, perform plans for trail signage and interpretation, and conduct educational programs that help the general public become aware of the resources found along the trails.

Our stewardship activities support the development of river corridor protection and trail development through the production of publications, interpretive programs, sign development, and volunteer cleanups. DRGP holds an annual river cleanup, Project River Bright, aided by volunteers in canoes and kayaks to collect trash and debris from the Delaware river’s banks and islands. We engage the public in volunteer invasive species removal along river and its tributaries to help support river corridor protection. Read more about invasive species in the Delaware Valley here.

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