The 2019 Mini Grant program will be very similar to the 2018 program. Grants will be awarded up to $2,000. Some larger grants may also be available.
The application deadline is February 28, 2019.
View the program overview and application here. 

The Delaware River Greenway Partnership


The Delaware River Greenway Partnership, (DRGP), is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 that works to bring individuals, communities, businesses, recreational users, and all levels of government together to promote and protect a continuous corridor of natural and cultural resources along the Delaware River and its tributaries. In 2000, DRGP played a leading role in the successful campaign to include the Lower Delaware River in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

Our strategic plan focuses our activities in three areas:

  • River corridor protection
  • Land and water trail development
  • Stewardship and community involvement


River Corridor Protection & Stewardship

River Corridor Protection & Stewardship is a multi-faceted endeavor, including volunteer river cleanups, invasive plant removal and native plant propagation, and water quality education.

Stewardship activities support the development of river corridor protection and trail development through the production of publications, interpretive programs, sign development, and volunteer cleanups. DRGP has held a river cleanup for several years, Project River Bright, which takes volunteers in canoes and kayaks to sections of the Delaware River to collect trash and debris from the river’s banks and islands. Engaging the public in volunteer invasive species removal along river and its tributaries supports river corridor protection. We have produced a short guide to the identification of common invasive plants in the Delaware Valley. DRGP holds an annual forum for public officials and non-profit agencies on topics relevant to local concerns.



DRGP is the host organization for the federally designated Delaware River Scenic Byway and the Delaware River Water Trail.
Establishing trails that complement the Delaware River and its landscape provides recreation and opportunities for appreciation of the natural and cultural resources that make the area so unique. DRGP works with and supports public agencies, non-profit agencies and private citizens to develop land trails that provide opportunities for hiking, bicycling, and disabled access. Our projects for water trails concentrates on developing facilities and programs mostly for paddling activities of canoeing and kayaking.

Trail development is implemented through the establishment of projects that plan for the protection of land and water corridors. We perform feasibility studies for trails and trail facilities, develop plans for the management of long distance trails, such as the Delaware River Heritage Trail, perform plans for trail signage and interpretation, and conduct educational programs that help the general public become aware of the resources found along the trails.




Upcoming Events Calendar

21 Mar

Bucks County History: Fact or Fiction

How much do you know about the history of the county?  Can you tell fact from fiction?  Come and learn which of these “facts” are true:  The Lenape name for one of the area’s first European governors The boundary of Bucks County originally reached New York state. A large whale was caught in the Delaware River near Trenton and exhibited at the Doylestown Hotel.  Join Heritage Conservancy President Jeff Marshall as he tries to test your knowledge of many little known facts about Bucks County.

$5 Member / $10 Non-Members (can be applied to membership)



9 May

Please join the Delaware River Greenway Partnership and Dennis Bertland for Settlement and River Trade along the Delaware River in the pre-canal era.


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